Our Dogs

Meet the stars of our club – our dogs!

Kitana flyball dog jumping a flyball jump with a ball

Kitana - Flyball Master (FM)

Handler: Jenni

Nickname: The crazy kelpie

Breed: Kelpie

Siblings: Alvin and Squiggles.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Agility

Favourite toy: any whatsoever!

Favourite food/treat: Not really into food.

Biggest dislike: Sitting around doing nothing!

Best trick:

Will collect dogs bowls after dinner and bring to the sink for washing.

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Wanting to work non-stop!

Other dog activity/sports: Agility, RallyO

Alvin flyball dog jumping a flyball jump with a ball

Alvin - Flyball Master (FM)

Handler: Jenni

Nickname: Lordy, Ali

Breed: Pap X

Siblings: Kitana and Squiggles.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Playing with Kitana

Favourite toy: Any whatsoever!

Favourite food/treat: Any!

Biggest dislike: Beans

Best trick:

Will carry a bowl of water around the yard if he sees a bird, chasing it to have a drink.

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking in Squiggles face.

Other dog activity/sports: Agility

Pepe flyball racing

Pepe Le Pew - Flyball Master (FM)

Handler: Kevin

Nickname: Pep pep

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Pepe is a very energetic lad.

He loves running around chasing birds,

swimming, swimming and yes more swimming.

Favourite toy: His small pink elephant ball!

Favourite food/treat: Any!

Biggest dislike:

Haven’t found any – oh, possibly being kept out of the pool!

Best trick: Swims laps nonstop

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking when he is not getting his way.

Other dog activity/sports: Agility

Nala Flyball Dog

Nala - Flyball Master (FM)

Handler: Emma

Nickname: Banana, Schnarla

Breed: Border Collie

Siblings: Half-brother Wilbur

Favourite pastime (other than flyball):

I am ready to play 24/7 but I enjoy eating and napping in the sun (even in the middle of summer)

Favourite toy: Anything that can be thrown.

Favourite food/treat: Anything mum has. Will even eat lettuce!

Biggest dislike: Thunderstorms

Best trick: I can boop a soccer ball back with my nose!

Worst habit/misbehavior: Guilt tripping mum and dad into playing.

Other dog activity/sports:

Love Agility (jumping and tunnels are my favourite!).

Have also done lure coursing and jetty jumping!

Wilbur flyball dog jumping a jump with a ball

Wilbur - Flyball Master (FM)

Handler: Nick

Nickname: Wilburwoo, Wilby

Breed: Border Collie

Siblings: Nala

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): HERDING! I herd my sister when she has toys.

Favourite toy: Anything my sister has! I do really enjoy playing tug with my mum though.

Favourite food/treat: MEAT

Biggest dislike: Thunderstorms. Not getting any attention

Best trick: I can jump up into people’s arms and speak on command

Worst habit/misbehaviour:

Crying when I do not get my way

Other dog activity/sports: Agility and I LOVEEEE to swim.

I swim in circles biting my own waves.

Poppy jumping a flyball jump

Poppy - Flyball Master (FM)

Handler: Ellie

Nickname: Little Terrier

Breed: Terrier X

Siblings: Tessa

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Favourite toy: Balls and Tuggy

Favourite food/treat: Chicken Hearts

Biggest dislike:

Best trick: Sit Pretty

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking and chasing roos

Other dog activity/sports: Nosework and Rally-O

Junya flyball dog with a ball

Junya - Flyball Master Excellent (FMX)

Handler: Graeme

Nickname: Egg!

Breed: RottyX

Siblings: Judge, Lilly and Topsy.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball):

Sleeping and play fighting with Judge and fostering puppies and loves going for rides in the car.

Favourite toy: Big Chuck IT Ball

Favourite food/treat: Bacon

Biggest dislike: Thunder/storms and sleeping in his own bed.

Best trick: Loves to high 5 everyone

Worst habit/misbehaviour: His mouth gets him into trouble

Other dog activity/sports:

Lure Coursing and running on the treadmill – foster bro.

Primrose flyball dog jumping a flyball jump

Primrose - Flyball Master Excellent (FMX)

Handler: Emily

Nickname: Prim, Primmy, Primbles, Prim Prim, Primmers

Breed: Border Collie

Siblings: Maple and Aspen

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Swimming, fetch and walking

Favourite toy: Favourite food/treat: Anything meaty

Biggest dislike:

Best trick: Play dead

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking

Other dog activity/sports:

Judge flyball dog jumping a jump with a ball

Judge - Australian Flyball Champion (AFCh)

Handler: Graeme

Nickname: Judgie! Judgemental – Wreck It Ralph!

Breed: Kelpie X

Siblings: Junya, Lilly and Topsy.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball):

Wrecking things and play fighting with Junya, loves to go for car rides.

Favourite toy: Anything that he can wreck.

Favourite food/treat: Ice cubes

Biggest dislike: Having a bath – anything to do with water!

Best trick: Wrecking things

Worst habit/misbehaviour:

Wrecking things and pulling clothes off the line and gardening

Other dog activity/sports:

Disc training and wrecking things and running on a treadmill.

Frank flyball dog jumping a jump with a ball

Frank - Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh)

Handler: Jude

Nickname: Cost a lot, Frankie, Mr Frank

Breed: Kelpie

Siblings: River

Izzie – poodle x shitzu/Maltese

Dixie – poodle x shitzu/Maltese

Marlee – Border Collie

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Gardening

Favourite toy: Balls

Favourite food/treat: All food

Biggest dislike: Being left at home

Best trick: Anytime ball driven/fetch

Worst habit/misbehaviour:

Loves to chew anything, bed hopping and taking over the bed

Other dog activity/sports: Long walks and chasing kangaroos

Maxi Flyball Dog

Maxi - Flyball Dog Champion (FDCh)

Handler: Cassandra

Nickname: Bubba, Baby Bear, Mighty Maxi, Little Monster

Breed: Bichon X Lhasa Napier

Siblings: Freya

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Cuddles, exploring/adventures

Favourite toy: Baby Polar Bear

Favourite food/treat: Chicken, Frankfurt’s, bacon

Biggest dislike: Big dogs, he loves water but does not like being cold afterwards.

Best trick: Jumping super high for his size

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking

Other dog activity/sports: Going to the beach

Luna Flyball Dog sitting looking up

Luna - Intermediate

Handler: Ashlinn

Nickname: Lunatic

Breed: Border Collie, German Shepherd, Australian Cattle, Great Dane,

Bullmastiff and Boxer

Siblings: 2 Beagles

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Going to the park

Favourite toy: Tennis ball

Favourite food/treat: Chunkers

Biggest dislike: Being in a crate

Best trick: Praying

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Jumping on people

Other dog activity/sports: Obedience at home


Photo taken by Smile & Wag

Jaffa - Intermediate

Handler: TaKiyah

Nickname: Jaffa Cakes or Jaff

Breed: Red Cattle Dog

Siblings: Wanna play iSPY?

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Kayaking at the beach, chasing birds and eating!!

Favourite toy: Tennis Ball Bazooka!!!! Ohhhh my yes!

Favourite food/treat: ANYTHING!! Including socks and dishcloths!

Biggest dislike: Being left at home alone.

Best trick: Riding a skateboard and kayaking. Oooo and catching BUBBLES!!!

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Eating things she’s not meant to! Sock thief!!

Other dog activity/sports: Flyball, Agility & Trick Trials

Awesome Pawesome Flyball dog, Wanna Play iSPY.

Wanna play iSPY? - Beginner

Handler: TaKiyah 

Nickname: Spykid, Spy, boy, naughty.

Breed: Border Collie

Sibling: Adopted sibling Jaffa 

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Chasing bubbles, doing supermans in the ball pit & swimming.  

Favourite toy: My giant duck!

Favourite food/treat: Duck necks and blueberries. 

Biggest dislike: The local icecream truck. 

Best trick: Leg weaves, and holding fun objects. 

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking at the local icecream truck! 

Other dog activity/sports: Obedience & Agility Foundations.

Izzy Flyball Dog

Izzy - Beginner

Handler: Graeme

Nickname: Squirt.

Breed: Maltese X Border Collie. 

Sibling: Judge & Junya

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Playing, meeting new people and making new friends

Favourite toy: Loves to Tug!!

Favourite food/treat: Will try anything once!

Biggest dislike: Being by self.

Best trick: Just being cute

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Chasing the cats, no understanding of personal space – look out dog friends will probably try and make you share your crate with her!

Lexi Border Collie Flyball Dog

Lexi - Beginner

Handler: Wendy

Nickname: Lex or Licksy

Breed: Border Collie

Siblings: Luna

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Tricks, frisbee and sleeping in the car

Favourite toy: Ball, Ball, Ball!!!

Favourite food/treat: Venison Ziwipeak

Biggest dislike:

Best trick: Orbit

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Chasing birds

Other dog activity/sports: Disc

Joe flyball dog jumping a flyball jump

Drumprintt First Round - Beginner

Handler: Jenny

Nickname: Joe

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Siblings: Ivy and Belle

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Chasing balls

Favourite toy: Ball

Favourite food/treat: Any kind of food

Biggest dislike: ‘…there’s no more food’

Best trick: Catching a ball

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Annoying the older dogs

Other dog activity/sports: Conformation Shows

Ivy flyball dog jumping a flyball jump

Drumprintt First Wave - Beginner

Handler: Jenny

Nickname: Ivy

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Siblings: Joe and Belle

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Sitting on someone’s lap

Favourite toy: Joe’s toys

Favourite food/treat: Any kind of food

Biggest dislike: Play time and pats ending

Best trick: Jumping

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking at shadows

Other dog activity/sports: Conformation Shows

Freya flyball dog sitting

Freya - Beginner

Handler: Cassandra

Nickname: Freya Bear, Naughty Girl

Breed: Kerry Blue Terrier

Siblings: Maxi

Favourite pastime (other than flyball):

Chewing Maxi’s tail. (This is what she does when she likes a dog)

Not good.

Favourite toy: The tug or anything that Maxi has.

Favourite food/treat: Freya is on a special hypoallergenic diet as she has a very

sensitive tummy.

Biggest dislike: The car

Best trick: She likes to do conformation showing strutting her stuff.

Worst habit/misbehaviour:

Playing with her big brother Maxi and she loves walks.

She is a social butterfly but still does not quite know

how to interact with other dogs properly yet.

Twitter flyball dog sitting on a rock

Twitter - Beginner

Handler: Gail

Nickname: Tweets, the ACD

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler.

Siblings: Marcie, Flynn, Frisky, Sapphy, Swish and Slick

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Playing with the cats and chooks.

Favourite toy: Anything that belongs to Marcie

Favourite food/treat: Dead smelly roos.

Biggest dislike: The Cat chasing her.

Best trick: Great recall from anywhere on the property.

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Barking for attention and getting attention.

Other dog activity/sports: Swimming, scavenging dead things.

Sapphy flyball dog sitting

Sapphy - Beginner

Handler: Gail

Nickname: Saffron, Sapphire

Breed: Kelpie (black/tan).

Siblings: Marcie, Flynn, Frisky, Swish and Slick.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Scavenging bones, chook herding.

Favourite toy: Empty plastic bottles.

Favourite food/treat: Hot dogs.

Biggest dislike: Recalling when chewing smelly horrid roo bones.

Best trick: Escape artist.

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Ignoring recalls.

Other dog activity/sports: Swimming and chasy with her siblings.

Slick flyball dog looking up

Slick - Beginner

Handler: Gail

Nickname: Slicky, slack.

Breed: Border Collie.

Siblings: Marcie, Flynn, Frisky, Sapphy and Swish.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Herding anything that moves.

Favourite toy: Not keen on toys.

Favourite food/treat: Dead roos.

Biggest dislike: Being interrupted when herding.

Best trick: Jumping high fences.

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Roo killing.

Other dog activity/sports:

Swimming and rolling in horse manure, agility, herding.

Rest in Peace

Marcie Flyball Dog

Marcie - Beginner

Handler: Gail

Nickname: Moppet

Breed: Kelpie (Red/Tan)

Siblings: Flynn, Sapphy, Twitter, Swish and Slick

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Swimming and chasing the broom/mop/shovel

Favourite toy: Super Bull and anything that squeaks, the louder the better

Favourite food/treat: Corn chips, toast, and vegemite

Biggest dislike: The word No

Best trick: Collecting large branches for burning

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Growling when asked to move over on the bed.

Other dog activity/sports: Agility, jumping, tunnellers, sheep and chook herding.

Squig flyball dog jumping a flyball jump

Mr Squiggles

Flyball Master Champion – ONYX

Handler: Kevin

Nickname: Squiggly, Wiggly, Boss man

Breed: BC x JRT

Siblings: Alvin and Kitana.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Chasing and herding anything that moves.

Favourite toy: Anything that squeaks

Favourite food/treat: Any!

Biggest dislike: None

Best trick: Sleeps up the wall!

Worst habit/misbehaviour: A very high pitch bark

Other dog activity/sports: No

Blue flyball dog jumping a flyball jump

Blue - Australian Flyball Champion

Handler: Shireen

Nickname: Blue Boy

Breed: Border Collie X Sweetheart

Siblings: Ghost, Saxe and Aggie

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Hanging out with mum

Favourite toy: My Sloth

Favourite food/treat: All food is my favorite

Biggest dislike: Baths!!!!

Best trick: I smile when Mummy asks me

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Ummm…Mummy says I am never naughty

Other dog activity/sports: I love exploring the paddocks with Mum

Rest in peace Narla


Handler: Andrew

Breed: Whippet Cross.

Siblings: Penny and Ratchet.

Favourite pastime (other than flyball): Lure Coursing.

Favourite toy: Anything Laying on the floor.

Favourite food/treat: People food.

Biggest dislike: Dad not sharing his food.

Best trick: Making food disappear.

Worst habit/misbehaviour: Stealing food from benches.

Other dog activity/sports: Lure Coursing and Obedience.