Awesome Pawsome Flyball Club

Our Club

Awesome Pawsome Flyball Racing Club is based in Wacol Queensland and has been a successful Club since it started in 2000.

Flyball is a sport that attracts people from all walks of life with mainly one common bond – we all love our dogs and love spending time with them enjoying a sport that enriches both their lives and ours.

Our Club philosophy has never changed over the years with likeminded people ensuring that the welfare of our dogs and members is our first priority.

We use motivational and behavioral techniques to train our dogs.

Positive reinforcement is encouraged.

This means we reward the right behaviour and ignore the wrong.

Flyball does not interfere with obedience training; in fact, the sport reinforces the disciplines taught in obedience classes.

Dogs of all breeds are taught from a young age the foundation work involved in completing a Flyball race.

Flyball in Australia is controlled by the Australian Flyball Association Inc whose main object is to promote responsible dog ownership through the sport.

New members are encouraged to help others, thus learning more about the sport and building new friendships. If you would like to join you can download our expression of interest form.

We travel to the National Championships yearly with team/s made up of people who are available to travel.

While dogs are learning members are encouraged to help out with other Flyball positions other than handling. These positions all make the racing come together and help you to get more familiar with Flyball.

There is nothing better than the feeling of achievement when your dog does its first full run at a race meet.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Kitana flyball dog jumping over a jump with a ball

Our Committee

Graeme McGregor

Vice President:
Cassandra Napier

Jo McGregor

Judy Gee